Presentation Notes

Dave, Ariane and Dale would like to once again thank the DVC 08 presenters not just for the great presentations they gave us during Drupal Camp, but for sharing their presentation slide and notes afterwards!

Themer's Guide to jQuery
Presenter: Steve Krueger

Want to know how to transform your website into an interactive palette without the dependancies of Flash? Don't know what the heck this whole javascript and JQuery stuff is about, but want to utilize its possible potential for your clients or yourself? Come join us as we cross over to the dark-side and leave our humble home that we call Photoshop. We will cover the basics of JQuery and how to use html selectors to create sleek and useful animations that will give motion to your websites.

A Module Developer's Guide to jQuery
Presenter: Katherine Bailey

Are you confused about AJAX? Feeling less than enlighted about AHAH? Want to use Drag and Drop but don't know where to start? This presentation will provide an overview of where all of these jQuery-based functionalities fit in to Drupal, explaining what can be done in D5 and what great new jQuery goodness is available in D6. It will also discuss tools and best practices for making jQuery and Drupal play well together.

Drupal Theming - From Design Draft to Theme

This talk is not about the theory. It's about the practical tasks involved in bringing your theme to fruition! What's covered: Creating a theme from scratch / the theme folder; An intro to creating your own "base" theme; Some of our favourite Themeable Functions, and how to apply others; and Theming best practices

Case Study: Drupal in the Enterprise
Presenter: Michael Warf

Dissecting the new Fine Arts Faculty website at the University of Lethbridge, Michael will showcase the design and implementation decisions made along the way to serve an organization with 8,000 students and 1,200 staff, and a global audience. Accompanying this discussion will be a review of the modules chosen, and what we learned along the way. Themes such as scalability, technical environments, learning curves and end user training will be touched on.

Sphinx: Leveraging Scalable Search in Drupal
Presenter: Mike Cantelon

Sphinx is an open source search indexing engine, used by NowPublic and a number of other high-traffic sites, that allows you to deploy fast, scalable search in your Drupal sites. I'll talk about Sphinx's capabilities, how it can be installed and deployed, and will walk through an example of a Drupal deployment.

Example Module: [11.5K, Drupal 5]

Strategies for staging Drupal between servers
Presenter: Greg Dunlap

Drupal and its contributed modules provides an impressive amount of functionality without needing to write a single line of code. This works by storing information in Drupal's database tables. Unfortunately this poses a challenge for developers wanting to stage changes between servers. The traditional method of just pushing up the code won't migrate everything, but you can't just push the entire database either for fear of deleting all your user-generated content. This talk will address these issues by describing the problem and looking at a variety of solutions as well as their pros and cons.

Hardening and Optimizing your Drupal Site
Presenter: Dave Hazel

Drupal GOTCHA'S - Hardening and Optimizing your Drupal site. With a strong community and robust core, Drupal, an open source content management platform, is a solid foundation on which to build your website, whether it be community or corporate. The community has contributed almost 3500 (3472), this can be a bit overwhelming for someone trying to put up a Drupal site that is fast and secure. This talk will cover some of the easiest, and most important things you can do to improve the performance and security of your site.

Your Intro to Panels 2
Presenter: Gregory Heller

In this session, Gregory Heller, who has been using panels since the original beta will show you the ins and outs of the latest Panels 2 release and explain why it will revolutionize the way you build your drupal sites, as well as share some of his experience with panels 2 pitfalls.

What the hell is Information Architecture and why should I care?
Presenter: Gregory Heller

In this session, Gregory Heller will describe the Information Architecture process and deliverables, explain ways that you can think strategically about IA before you start coding and configuring so as to reduce development challenges later on. We'll cover: site maps, wire frames, content inventories and taxonomy decisions