In the spirit of translucency and openness, here is the working budget for Drupal Camp Vancouver

Updated post-event June 17, 4:13 PST


Collected from Sponsors - $6689
Collected registration fees - $1844
Uncollected Sponsor Pledges - $0

Total income - $8283


Meeting space (fri & sat) - $2720
Saturday lunch - $756
Saturday coffee - $252
T-shirts (bamboo + screening) - $2049
Kick off party $1200
Signs $35

Total Expenses - $7012

Bonus Round
Drupal Camp Alberta - $250
Drupal Camp Seattle - $250

Remainder - $771


Thanks to the mighty sponsors, noble volunteers and diligent attendees who made Drupal Camp Vancouver a success (and a lot of fun), Vancouver Drupal Camp finished with a bit of cash surplus ... even after all free lattes, brews and sandwiches, bamboo t-shirts and fancy locations.

The humble organizing junta (Dale, Arianne, Boris and DaveO) conferred and decided to allocate the surplus money to support other Drupal Camps. We also have a small token in mind for the presenters who stepped up with the excellent sessions and will likely keep a small float to help next year's camp get off the ground, ... and perhaps a post-camp organizer recap session.